CrossFit and Chiropractic

AMRAP: Chiropractic

As a CrossFit athlete, you spend a lot of time working on functional movements and at high intensities. You are willing to work on mobility, devote time for skill work, and address weaknesses in your training and your body. However, with many CrossFit athletes, there is one extremely important component missing from your routine: regular Chiropractic care.

When it comes to treatment, many times it takes an actual injury to persuade you to see a doctor.  However, the mindset should be staying ahead on maintenance of the spine and nervous system, not waiting for pain to sideline your workouts.

Chiropractic, at its core, treats and improves brain and nervous system function. With daily activities, posture, training and trauma, segments in your spine become subluxated or restricted. Restricted or abnormal motion in the vertebrae puts stress on the surrounding tissues and most importantly, nerves. This stress directly affects the function of muscles and organs that are supplied by the affected nerve(s). Abnormal signals to and from the brain affects how your body performs both in and out of the gym.

No amount of stretching, rolling, “mashing” or mobility work will address the spinal restriction. Only a Chiropractic adjustment will fix the problem and restore proper function to the spine and nervous system.

The goal of the CrossFit athlete is continued improvement while minimizing injuries, Dr. Dischler can help athletes achieve this goal. At NFCA, we provide chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations as well as provide soft tissue treatment and rehabilitative exercises as part of your treatment plan. Once we correct the restriction, your mobility work will be more effective and you can continue performing at your full capacity.

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