Dr. Katie is very thorough and patient! I was in severe pain for many weeks and she was able to alleviate my fears and worries during each treatment!

Michelle M.

So glad I found Dr. Katie Dischler our in West Omaha. I’ve seen her in the past and glad to reconnect with her! She’s very attentive to your needs and so kind and caring. I highly recommend her for your family!

Amy C.

Dr. Dischler is fantastic. She does a great job of listening to what's going on and her experience is evident when diagnosing and treating back issues. I'm so glad I stumbled onto her practice. Highly recommended.

Lane H.

I came in one day this summer with my shoulder out of place etc... & Dr. Katie fixed me & overall made me a better/healthier athlete. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs the fixing. Thank you Dr. Katie. Thank you for being such a cool & friendly person to me.

Nick E.

I cannot recommend Dr. Dischler enough. After working on my feet with my arms raised for over 10 years, I have constant nagging back problems and have seen many chiropractors. I’m so grateful to have finally found Katie. She’s the most thorough doctor I’ve worked with and addresses every issue with care and listens intently. She never rushes and wants to help you get your body back to normal. She is definitely someone you want in your life!

Mindee S.

Dr Katie listens and understands my aches, pains, misalignments, creaky old joints, and all those funny things your body does when you have years of abuse behind.
She is my first stop before primary care, and has often been my last stop for that particular ailment.
thank you.

Dick S.

I started seeing Dr. Katie Dischler in 2017 during my first pregnancy. She helped me stay aligned and feeling good throughout my whole pregnancy. The lower back, pelvic and hip adjustments were a life saver! At the end of the pregnancy, we started induction acupuncture to help my body prepare for labor. Afterwards, she continued to adjust me, my husband and my baby. Her adjustments on my little one were so gentle and he seemed to enjoy them. Now, I'm almost through with my second pregnancy and she again has been a life changer! My 19 month old will lay on the table for her to adjust him and I know I'll be bringing my new little one into her as soon as he is born! She has really helped my whole family over the past few years feel our best! She is so kind and personable! I can't imagine going to another chiropractor after experiencing her!

Sara W,
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